Hello and welcome to  The Perky Primal! My name is Sarah and I have been following the Paleo/Primal Lifestyle for the last 4 years. Growing up I never had to deal with weight. I could eat whatever I wanted but was warned by everyone that it would eventually catch up with me. I always brushed it off. However, they were right, by the time I was 27 I started to gain weight quickly. I found that in two years I ended up gaining 60 plus pounds! UGH! I suffered from asthma, allergies, depression, and acne. I needed to do something about it quickly.

I joined a local aerobics gym and in my first week I managed to take 18 classes that ranged from Strength Training, Zumba, Zumba Toning,Turbo Kick, Yoga, PiYo, and Hip Hop Hustle.  I was hooked! This was the first time I had ever been active, the first time I knew what that endorphin rush was! I felt like a new person!  In my first year at the studio, I also got certified to teach Zumba and PiYo. That was a huge accomplishment for me. My depression went away, I no longer needed depression medicine, allergy shots, an inhaler, and my skin has never looked better!

I started to lose weight but I was completely clueless on diet. I never had to think and plan out my meals, and I had no idea where to begin. I spoke with the owner of the studio and she recommended trying the Paleo diet.  I read the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf and immediately knew that I needed to try it. Combined with diet and exercise I ended up losing those 60 pounds and have managed to keep it off.

In the last four years I have learned so much about the Paleo and Primal lifestyle and my goal is to inspire others to make this lifestyle change and support them in their journey!

I also have a love for everything organized, designed, created. Here you will be able to find projects  I have created, some of my favorite recipes, fitness bites,  positive thoughts, and some everyday randomness- because life would be very boring with out a little randomness.

Happy Reading!

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