Valentine’s Day Gift – 5 Senses

So Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and I typically am not a fan of this made up holiday, but I have new man in my life and I thought I would do a little something for him. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money since we will be going on vacation together in March.

I decided to give him 5 small gifts that coordinated with your 5 senses (Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound).


I went and bought lavender massage oil. I wrote on a piece of white paper “To initiate weekly massages” with red and pink sharpie markers and then cut with fancy scissors.



I went and bought a big bag of his favorite candy, Kit Kat bars. On a piece paper using same markers and scissors it said “You’re the Kit to my Kat”



Every movie night we light a candle and turn off the lights. I have loved that ever since the first time he did it. We burned through that candle quickly. What can I say we love movies. I went and bought a new candle to replace the old and wrote on the tag “For our movie nights”.



For sight I decided to have a picture printed off of us from New Years Eve. I found a frame at Marshall’s that said “you’re my favorite”. It was the perfect find.



For sound, I bought him an Itunes gift card and wrote “So you can download legally”. Inside joke. 🙂


Put it all together

I bought 3 polka bags and 2 stripped bags from Target and found deep pinkish red tissue paper. I placed 1 gift in each bag and added the tissue paper. I also found tags at Target in the $1 bin. On each tag I wrote the sense and tied it to its appropriate bag.


Can’t wait to see what he thinks on Sunday!

Happy Valentines Day!