Studio Apartment Wrapping Center

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

Living in a studio apartment you need to take advantage of any space you can and get creative on storing items. I am a big gift giver and need to have my wrapping, ribbon, and hostess gifts on hand.

I had a little extra space available in my coat closet and decided it was the perfect space for a wrapping station. I was lucky to find an extended height wrapping paper container to fit those extra long rolls. I then went to Target and $1 store to buy some clear totes for gift bags, tissue paper, specialty ribbon, and hostess gifts.

I had a couple tension rods left over and decided to add them above the top shelf in the closet for my curling ribbon. I can’t tell you how much I love this ribbon holder!

I have always wanted to wrap gifts for a department store so having this wrapping center makes me feel like I have my own business. hahaha If any wants their gifts wrapped send them my way! I work cheap. lol

Monday Creativity: Tissue Paper Flowers

Two weeks ago I was put in charge to plan our annual summer picnic at work. I love planning a party so I needless to say I was so excited. Each employee was bringing something to pass so I didn’t need to worry about food or drink. I still wanted the decor to be bright and vibrant, almost luau-ish with still trying to say very cheap. Lol.

I decided to make small tissue paper flower for each table as a “runner”. However my OCD “ness”  would not all me to have the same color flower as table cloth. It got very interesting in  my studio apartment. I actually made a chart for each table and the order the flowers should be in.  My co-workers had a field day with that! 🙂 All in good fun.

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Here are your steps:

  1. Head over to your favorite $1 store and pick up some tissue paper. I ended up making close to 60 flowers so I used 3 packs of tissue paper.

unnamed (8)

2) Separate each color into their own piles.

3) Take one color and fold it in half ( you can do multiple sheets here)

unnamed (9)

4) Fold in half again until you  form a square

unnamed (10)

5) Unfold and cut on the creases you just made

unnamed (11)

6) Take 6 cut sheets and stack them on top of each other. I cut all of my tissue paper first before I started to assemble. You can do whatever you desire.

unnamed (12)

7) Fold like an accordion.

unnamed (13)

8) Place a staple in the middle

unnamed (15)

9) Now to cute the ends. You can either cut the ends into a V, Upside down U, or you can fray the edges

unnamed (16) unnamed (17) unnamed (20)

10) Work from the inside out and poof out each piece of tissue paper. Be very careful though. Tissue paper will rip if you are too rough.

unnamed (18) unnamed (19)


I had some poms left over so I decided to make a very last minute wreath out of cardboard.

I took a plate and traced around it.

unnamed (22)

Then took a ramekin and placed that in the middle and traced that.

unnamed (23)

Take a pair sharp scissors and cut on the lines.

Take your poms and either staple tape or glue to the cardboard.

unnamed (24)

It was definitely a lot of work doing 60 flowers but I managed to get them all done in one day and everyone loved them at our summer picnic. They paired really nicely with the lei’s on the tables as well. (another $1 store find)

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